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This pencil is a bit of an enigma, marked "Salrite" on the clip, "Pencil Products Corp. Pat. Dec. 23, 1919" on the metal cap, "Pat. Dec. 23, 1919 Other Pats Pend." just above the clip, and faintly stamped on the barrel, "Sal z Rite" (the "z" is even fainter than the rest of the imprint).    The clip also says "Pat. Pend." on the back side.

When I saw the faint "z" in the middle of the SalRite stamp on the barrel, I wondered if this might be a Salz product.  Recently, I was examining a Salz "Sta-Sharp Pencil" more closely and found the Pencil Products Corp. imprint and same patent date on the cap of that model, which goes a long way towards confirming this.  See the Salz page.

What I don't know is whether Pencil Products Corp. was an independent company that happened to make pencils for Salz in the early days, or whether it was a company set up by Salz to make the company's pencils. 

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salrite This is a fairly high quality piece made of hard rubber.   

I was able to find Patent number 1,325,570, issued to Lucifer J. Most on Decmeber 23, 1919 and assigned to Pencil Products Corp. of New York.  View Patent.


The reference to "Other Pats. Pend." probably referred to patent number 1,420,275, applied for on August 22, 1918 and issued June 20, 1922, also to Lucifer J. Most and also assigned to Pencil Products Corp.  View here.

The really neat thing about this pencil is when you unscrew the nose, the spare leads are stored in the holes around the central mandrel.   

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